Funtour was looking for an efficient way to consolidate the loyalty of their target customers (15-year-old teenagers), generate trust and enhance upselling activity. For this We created a first consultancy period in order to learn the business operations and processes, analyzing where the opportunities are, and based on this we created the solution.


We created a platform with two connected apps, Funtour app (company target users) to send trip information and pictures in real time to the cloud, and a User app

(customer target users) that receives the trip’s activity feed and results in a brand new communication channel for the company. Users receive a unique code per trip, linking all the multimedia feed to their apps, and receiving push notifications on each new activity published. This app includes a market that parents could shop items and upgrades to the teenager trip in real-time.


The platform usage impacted positively in users and Funtour’s collaborators. Company members could stream quickly trip events with detailed information (pictures, text) and keeping track of the passengers as well.

Users could follow-up events of the trip, and even make comments on each item of the feed, giving feedback on real-time of the things happening.

With in-app purchases options, users tend to buy optional items improving upselling activities up to 25% in comparison same period a year before.

Next Step

Platform will expand covering all company areas, from sales department to accounting, creating a user profile with their activity per trip, and using that data to take decisions in the future.

AI will start to take advantage of all trip and user preferences in order to suggests new packages or items to sell on each season.