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Michael Anthony

Fitrec CEO

“Dynamia is led by two founders and they have created a company atmosphere that has attracted talented individuals to work for them. From the early stage start-up to the seasoned business, this team was capable of handling all my technological needs. They are reliable, fair, honest, authentic, fast, and care about the success of your business.”


Fitrec is a new social fitness app, where you can find workout partners, join pick-up games, and create groups for fitness and recreational sports. By using your geographic location, you can discover and connect with other users seeking to do the same type of fitness activity or recreational sport nearby you.


We met the Fitrec’s team in Washington DC, in order to set the main goals for the roadmap and kick off of the project. We delivered an app with a team of 2 developers, spending 3 months in the first MVP, and after its release, 2 iterations of 6 months working on maintenance and new specs.

The Solution

The app was developed using Ionic, Push Notifications, and PHP with MySQL as backend. All the code created was made in-house, without using any template at all.

Web + Backend

The website was created using PHP and MySQL technologies entirely. It contains a main one-page-based page, an e-commerce sports, and marketing shop, all manageable from the back office side.

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